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Reference  & ongoing projects

Real Estate Projects 

Austrian Health Resort   2023- 

Investment & Real Estate Dev. Engineering & Operation 

In collaboration with the finest health resorts in Austria, and with an integrated team of designers, engineers, medical professionals, and support staff, we offer a comprehensive project for medical tourism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This project includes the operation and management of specialized facilities within the resort, providing the highest Austrian standards in medical tourism..

Austria Real Estate Devolpment 

Real Easte Dev.  Investment Construction 

A first-class architecture.
A high level of quality.
The essential criteria
for sustainable realities

Riyad Metro Project 

Formwork  , Engineering  

The Riyadh Metro is a rapid transit system under construction in Riyadh, the capital city of Saudi Arabia. It is part of the King Abdulaziz Project for Riyadh Public Transport and will consist of six metro lines spanning a total length of 176 kilometres, with 85 stations. The project will cost $22.5 billion to build

Housing Project  -ABHA 2017

Real Eastate Dev.  Innovation 

Abha Real Estate Development Project
Land area: 700,000 square meters
A complete residential city has been developed, including facilities, schools, parks, recreational and commercial facilities.
The project includes the construction of 5,427 residential apartments, three towers, and 300 luxury villas.
The project incorporates environmental systems and special conditions for green buildings, utilizing alternative energy sources and water treatment stations.

Austrian Precast Factory 2007

Industry  Precast Factory  installation & Operation 

Factory installation and operation project: Precast factory, made in Germany, advanced, fully automated, with a production capacity of 3,600 square meters per day, with approximately five medium-sized blocks, which produces special walls and ceilings for residential and industrial buildings.

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