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Value Engineering


The key to success and project implementation lies in excellent project planning and selecting the right construction methods in an economical and high-quality manner.


This is exactly what the Imran Holding Group offers you with its experienced team of engineers.

Our approach to planning construction and infrastructure projects is based on design knowledge and years of experience to meet all applicable design standards, use suitable building systems, and fulfill regulatory requirements. However, for large-scale projects, it is often beneficial to analyze and compare the long-term cost and quality characteristics of alternative design solutions in detail. This is done through formal value engineering tasks during the design process to ensure that our project owners achieve the maximum benefit.


Our team consists of planners, architects, engineers, and project cost personnel with extensive expertise in value engineering techniques. We work closely with project owners, their management teams, specialized value engineering consultants, and contractors to conduct value engineering studies from pre-planning to implementation milestones.

Our value engineering studies typically follow a structured format that includes various activities and phases to identify the best solutions for each project. These activities include:


- Data collection
- Functional analysis
- Generating ideas for alternative design solutions
- Evaluating alternatives in terms of cost, reliability, and availability
- Developing preferred solutions
- Presenting implementation recommendations

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