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Real Estate Investment:


Imran Holding is pleased to introduce our Investment  consultancy services, optimal solutions, and unique investment opportunities in real estate. With our experience and exceptional team, we aim to provide the best guidance and support for your real estate ventures.

Our consultancy services cover market analysis, property valuation, project feasibility studies, and investment strategies. Our team is well-equipped to meet the specific needs of both seasoned investors



Engineering & Consulting 


We make dreams come true with a brilliant team of engineers and architects, providing advanced designs and solutions. We are dedicated to finding economical and high-quality solutions, as well as innovative and environmentally compliant solutions that align with international standards.


Modern Precast Technologies


By taking advantage of the latest developments in Precast & concrete technology and adhering to the highest standards of civil engineering and the civil engineering industry, Imran Holding Company provides practical solutions of plants, equipment and software to develop large-scale projects and residential communities. In cooperation with global partners and manufacturers of the latest turnkey technologies, we harness the high production capacity and prestigious quality standards of the Austrian heritage.



building materials Innovations 


We are always at the forefront by utilizing patented inventions in modern building materials. One of our innovative materials is carbon fiber reinforcement, which provides eight times the strength of conventional rebar. It also features unique technological specifications, including resistance to rust and harmful chemicals.

With CFR, we offer an innovative solution that goes beyond the limits of traditional rebar. Their superior strength and durability make them ideal for a wide range of applications, from high-rise construction to infrastructure projects. In addition, its resistance to environmental factors ensures long-lasting performance.

Your strong, specialized partner for all types of distinctive construction projects

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